Our consultants are able to offer similar high-quality consulting services as a professional consultant, for free.

Small businesses create over two-thirds of all new jobs in America every year. Despite their importance to our national economy, these businesses are often unable to afford the high costs of professional consultants. That is where we come in.

Market Research and Analysis
  • Demographic analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Investment recommendations
Marketing Strategy
  • Target market strategy
  • Marketing campaign development
  • Customer segmentation
Competitor Analysis
  • Benchmarking studies
  • Competitive landscapes
  • Market entry opportunities
Product Development
  • Cost structure analysis
  • Life-cycle projection
  • Industry best practices

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CYC's project structure?

We select 3-4 clients for both winter and spring quarters, each engagement lasting around 10 weeks. Winter quarter projects generally run from early-January to late March, while spring quarter projects run from early April to early June.

In order to ensure our clients receive the best service possible, each project is staffed with 1 Engagement Manager and 3-5 Consultants. Each team is also supported by the VP of Engagement along with the rest of the Executive Board.

How are interactions between our clients and team conducted?

The client and the Engagement Manager communicate on a weekly basis to ensure the project's progress. Meetings occur throughout the project engagement, beginning with at least one mandatory project scoping meeting with the Engagement Manager and the team. There are also two planned presentations. The first meeting is a Midpoint, a meeting in which the client will receive preliminary research the team has conducted. The second meeting is the Final Presentation and the client will receive the team's final recommendations and concrete steps to be implemented.

What resources does CYC have to ensure success?

The CYC chapter at UC Davis strongly relies upon the expertise of more experienced Engagement Managers and the Executive Board to provide the best quality service.

In addition, our Consultants and Engagement Managers are trained weekly by the Executive Board, Industry Professionals, and the National CYC Team.


Yolo Farm to Fork logo

"Yolo Farm to Fork had a wonderful experience with CYC. As a small non-profit, we were looking for ways to connect with local businesses to sponsor edible schools in Yolo County. CYC was very professional and prepared a well researched and thorough report on local industry and business, with philanthropy focus and contacts.

YF2F's Board of Directors has incorporated CYC's portfolio into our 2017 Strategic Plan and are using it as a template to begin our end-of-year call-to-action campaign for local businesses to support edible school gardens in their communities.

The best part of working with CYC was their organized approach while assisting us in consolidating our goals and fundraising plan. Thank you for your efforts! It's made a real and lasting difference in your community and for kids!ā€

Philanthrophy logo

ā€œI loved having the CYC group at my store and helping me out, it was a great experience all around! Philanthropy needed help marketing and reaching a larger market. Advertising in Davis is extremely tricky. CYC helped me by developing marketing strategies that were still budget friendly like Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Bing ads.

CYC showed up to each meeting well prepared with new ideas and facts each time we met. I really enjoyed getting a fresh perspective from some outsiders. Compiling different people's ideas together makes for a far better solution than one coming from just one person!ā€