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Consult Your Community is a nationwide, student-run nonprofit organization that empowers America's top undergraduate students to leverage their knowledge of business with their passion for service.  Students engage with low-income and minority-owned small businesses over the course of a quarter through an innovative program in which they are trained to provide business owners with comprehensive, pro bono consulting services.  Through this process, students gain hands-on business experience and develop skills that prepare them for their future careers, while business owners become empowered to foster their own economic independence and secure their future prosperity, both of which contribute directly to our nation's economic development and long-term sustainability.  


Consult Your Community was originally founded in February 2013 by a group of undergraduates from the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley. Since inception, the national organization has experienced rapid growth with hundreds of students working to launch 15 chapters in Fall 2013 at America's top universities including Georgia Tech, UT Austin, University of Maryland, Columbia, UVA, and Boston College.

In an attempt to find innovative ways to benefit the community, the Consult Your Community chapter at UC Davis was founded by three undergraduate students in May 2014.  They hoped to provide students the opportunity to develop both professionally and academically, while making a positive impact on their community. 


By utilizing the knowledge and skill-set of the brightest students in America to improve the performance of these businesses, we not only look to develop the next generation of top-tier consultants, but also look to create lasting benefits for our communities, and strengthen our nation from the bottom-up.


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